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"Colors! i LOVE u"

Yours Truely

Lynette ChanNette.
psychology studies in TP.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

pessimistic post.
i deleted it all.
the world needs no more a griever.

7:57 PM

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HSS outing at sentosa!
thank you zyndie for all the hard work she has put in for organising the event! (:
the turnout rate wasnt very good and i could see that zyndie was quite disheartened about it.
however, she still managed to keep her spirits up and carry out all the games she have planned.
i think it would take immerse courage and passion to do so because she could just forget about the whole thing and just basked under the sun.
so, zyndie deserves a round of applause!
*clap clap* (x 1 round)
at the end of the day, we were all drenched in the water games.
the games were like...
anyway, zyndie will send us the pictures after she returned from cameron highlands(:
then, i will upload! (:

i felt terrible because i have been unable to meet up with my besties (hui and jia) from the start of the holiday till now. i am missing them and would like to catch up with their life. hopefully we can meet up at least one day next week. (:
the other day, i was looking through all the neoprints i took when i was in secondary school.
i looked funny. actually everyone does look funny too!

should i change my blogskin? it seems like its a long time sincei last changed.
comments welcome! (:

6:27 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2008


your scent is my own brand of heroin.

OMG! this sentence is stucked in my head!
the show is artistically displayed and i like the way the person narrate the story.
its just simple yet engraving.
last but not least, the main actor is handsome.
he can fly and climb trees swifly. *adores*

in our own blue and pink checkered world,
you are the key to unlock my heart.

9:45 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"have you ever felt the beauty of a smile,
the warmth of the touch,
and the bliss of watching the world goes by?"

i think this paragraph is really nice and guess where did i quote it from.
i quoted it from Mr Bean(:

anyway, i have a very perculiar dream last night.
i dreamt that i lost my way in TP and also forgot my examination venue.
in the end, i missed my exam and got zero):
i woke up feeling stoned and rather confused.
people always say that what you dream is always the opposite from reality.
hopefully that's really the case.

age is but a number.
do you feel that you are older than your actual age?
i read from the newspaper that children typically feel slightly older than their actual age.
that's because children long to take part in activities reserved for older teens and adults.
however when we reach 25-30, we would start to think that we are younger than what we actually are.
we humans are always contradicting ourselves.
you know studies shown that people between the age 40 and 70 feel about 20% younger than what they actually are. hahaha!
i cant imagine how young my parents perceive themselves!

the newspaper also write that " this concept of how you feel about your age is so important and defines, in a way, how we act." thus if you think you are old, you would probably act old as well. so people, quote me.
i am always in my sweet sixteen. (:

7:31 PM

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

okay. that was a random sound i felt like making.

terror paper- PERCOG was finally over! (:
although i think i wouldnt do well for that paper, i am just happy that it have stepped into history. i was like stuned when i see the questions. it seems like it was specially set for geniuses.
i hate to admit this, but i am no genius):

however then, it seems like everyone is feeling the same way as me! some of the people (mostly guys) left the examination hall half an hour after the starting time! either they were so confident or that they just have no idea what the paper was asking about. hahaha! i think it was the latter.
girls just rock more than guys. hur hur~

tomorrow would be RMA! the best thing about this paper is that we can bring cheat sheet! lalalala~ this means that we dont have to memorise anything for that paper. *insert the widest grin ever*
however, please make sure that you write in font size3 and bring magnifying glass tomorrow, K?
i cant believe this but i didnt buy the RMA textbook! as a result, i have no idea what to study for the test tomorrow (see i am blogging now). i could only refer to the very pathetic pile of lecture notes.

however still, i am still looking forward for tomorrow! it will be the last paper! WAHAHAHA! and i could finally regain my life! (:

okey dockey.
i just realised that i still have PERCOG project to do, physiology online quizes, reflection for percog and what else is there? ):

1:24 AM

Saturday, November 29, 2008


the PERCEPTION of beauty revolves over time.

as time passes, people tend to take sides,
so did their hair. (:




there are also EXCEPTIONS


of the hair REVOLUTION.


1:05 AM

Monday, November 24, 2008

blog-hopping earlier
and was given an insight to my friends' lives!
i was unsure why,
but i could feel their joy, heartaches, uncertainty, anger, restlessness....

we all live our life in our own way,
do our own things,
have our own taste and preferences,
but yet we are connected through friendship.
analogy: tree and its branches(:
biology students, dendrites of the axon

friendship allow me to grow, learn, love and appreciate.
its something so delicate and intriguing.
i want to treasure it!

love the people around,
for you do not know when,
they will no longer be around.

1:52 AM